What is your purpose?

Purpose is something that feels ever changing. As your life circumstances change and the world presents you different experiences, your purpose will evolve.

What is it evolving to be? What was the ultimate goal you set out to achieve when you came to this human experience?

That is the Purpose everyone refers to. The purpose that makes every cell in your body stand on end to nudge you to pay attention to the energy and feelings you have thinking about it. When you have these thoughts in your mind, your body will let you know it is currently aligned in harmony with your mind and soul.

That is your PURPOSE!

I believe every humans big purpose is to in some way serve humanity. We are all in this together with different gifts and experiences shaping how we serve one another in creating peace and harmony.

We all have our own unique gifts in life that help others to find joy. Our purpose is to live our life using these gifts and exchange value, time and money with others to all live in a state of joy.

So what are those things you did as a child that brought you the kind of joy you felt before bills and jobs soured the intensity of it?

What interested you and gave you Goosebumps?

What did you dream of ‘being and doing’?

What have you always been passionate about?

These are the things that shape your purpose. The dreams you had, sending all of those thought and dreams out into the universe for you to attract back.

You can live your dream. It can be your reality.


You just need to align with those feelings and dreams and your purpose will come to you.

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