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I write this the day of International Women’s Day. All over the globe I listen to and read the musings and thoughts of women discussing what this day means to them and how we as women can honour ourselves more.
I ‘scoped’ about it to my fellow ladies of Periscope (seriously cool app! Get it! You will thank me later for the beautiful friendships you make) and just briefly touched on what this day means to me.
In a nutshell – Sisterhood. I don’t even want to use the term feminism as I feel that is a word that is being bastardised by both genders.


SISTAHOOD!!! What does this mean to you?
To me it’s a bonding of women, uniting together in support, empowerment, acceptance and love for one another as women and mothers and the more nurturing half of the balanced energies Yin/Yang.
Yet a lot of the time we are our own worst enemies. We thrill in gossip magazines, reality television and online dramas that involve seeing women at their best and worst.
So many online blogs and opinion pieces tear and rip at other mothers for how they choose to parent their children, the foods they feed them, if they are working hard to become bikini body ready, and choices they make in their day to day lives.
We see women’s magazines, produced by women for women, full of pictures and articles body shaming, judging choices, discussing celebrities kids and making outlandish untruths and blatant lies appear as truthful and factual evidence.
The most boring of all are the age old repeated debates of;
Breast feed vs formula
Disposable nappies vs cloth nappies
Processed food vs home-grown/cooked
Working vs stay at home
Or how a mother chooses to dress her child
And so forth and so forth. Constant inciting of judgement amongst mothers and women. Why do we do this to ourselves and each other? I don’t see men’s magazines geared in these directions. Reality television doesn’t seem to depict men as ‘bitchy’, ‘venomous python women’. I don’t recall ever watching The Real Husbands of Wherever.
Yet we as women lap this crap up. I myself will watch this rubbish (I hang my head in shame at my love of The Real Housewives but I am totally watching this from a psychological profiling perspective ;)).
So many people are literally investing their hard earned money into the continual belittlement of women, if they didn’t these magazines and shows wouldn’t exist.
As women we moan for equality, we argue for equal pay and fairness but as long as we continue to do these things to one another we will continue to have men think of us as the ‘fairer’ sex, not giving us the respect we deserve because as a whole we don’t respect each another.
So many strong women fight for us to be heard and be equal. So many women share their stories and allow us to see their vulnerabilities in an effort to achieve equality. Yet so many more women sit back and allow these women to do this alone and then complain that they aren’t heard and seen as equal. So many of these women are the same women judging other mothers, comparing themselves to others and verbally ripping other women down as a self-defence mechanism for their own insecurities and feelings of lack. If this is you, what does this serve you? Are you achieving happiness or a better life from judging the woman next you? Does it make you a better person to rip her apart for what she wears or how much she exercises? Has your life improved because she happens to be ‘fatter’ than you? I’m guessing not.
Your life will be joyous when you focus all of your energy into the things that bring you happiness and the choices you make for your own children. Stop the comparison, it serves no one – least of all you!
It’s time for us women to stand together is sisterhood. Pick up your fellow woman, dust her off, hug her to bits and tell her you’ve got her back. Tell her that you’re here to see she succeeds because it means a success for all of us and a better future for our daughters.
Regardless of looks, race, religion, intellect, parenting, values and the rest – regardless – we are women and mothers and when we start to treat one another as equals, the world will undoubtedly do the same.


Happy International Women’s Day ladies xxx

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