The power of EMPATHS

I want my blogs and work to help empower others. I’ve been one to heal others through empowerment in my career as a mental health nurse and now in my businesses.


Part of my healing work is to help you reframe the way in which you feel and believe about things so that you are facing the light of your path and you get into the flow of your vortex (Do yourself a favour and listen and read anything you can from Abraham Hicks and vortexes).


One way I do this is to go against what the ‘norm’ is and show you the light side not the popular shadowside.


I shine light on where the love is not the fear. MY work on Empaths is different from most of the information out there and I am sure when I release information as it is ready to be received by others, there will be many many people who confront me with disagreement that comes from a place of fear and ego.


I’ve been writing a lot of information that is being downloaded or retrieved from within me (whichever way you see it) on Empaths and why we are the way we are and what we are supposed to be doing with our abilities.


I want to change the way most people think about being an Empath through empowering them with this information I am blessed to receive through my own healing and transformation.


Just like Psychics had to come forth and both believe and prove that their abilities are for the purpose of healing so do Empaths. Your abilities are powerful in the healing of life through changing consciousness with emotional energy.


Like me you’ve read and heard that we Empaths are continually being drained by others and need to protect our energy yet you still feel overwhelmed and anxious and drained after being around other people.


This can be extremely hard in online business because social media connection and very regular interaction is so important to our business.
If you’re like me, you can get very overwhelmed by too much social media and you feel overloaded, irritable and heavy. You feel all the angst and doubt and worry and defeat and anxiety and questioning that goes on behind all the comments and the profile pictures
During my book writing process I have consulted many energetic streams of consciousness and experience. Wisdom from the ancients who tell me that Empaths are in fact here on the earth to recalibrate emotional energy around them and our energetic bodies speak to one another in code.


They tell me, rather than popular belief that others energetically hijack an Empath, it is in indeed the Empath who docks themselves on to others to update and recalibrate their emotional coding and frequencies.
This is why so many Empaths have a narcissistic parent or sibling and attract so many narcissists into their lives in the form of bosses, colleagues, partners and friends. It is the Empath who is guided to the narcissist.


Empaths have great emotional power if they harness it correctly. They have the ability to change low dense energy into higher vibrational frequencies and add more emotional energy into the energetic body of someone who feels little emotional energy.


That is why it is vital that we release all undesired energy daily at least, receive energy in its purest form from original source energy daily and recharge ourselves regularly to maintain optimal energetic balance of our mind/body/soul.


It is absolutely time for you all to understand how important your role is, here in this time.
YOU have the ability to raise vibrational frequencies in others through your own frequencies.
That is why when you are miserable, everyone else in your home life feel down too but don’t know why.
YOU have the ability to raise the collective consciousness to JOY
You just need to care for your energy.


And remember ……
Empaths manage and purify emotional energy transforming and healing it


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  1. I love this! Rather than blocking my energy from others, I’m supposed to send it out to help them recalibrate their emotional energy. This is a completely different, and more positive way of thinking about the exchange of energy for an empath. It can be draining though so yes, very important to receive, release, and recharge daily. Thank you for this insight Rebecca!

  2. Thank you, Rebecca! I am an empath and find it difficult to manage all the energy around me. And you’re right, it’s important to release all undesired energy on a daily basis. Look forward to reading more from you. ~Elisabeth

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