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This trilogy of guided meditations is specifically designed for you to step into the greatness of who you are both as a woman and a divine soul of love

You can listen to these daily, or as needed to boost your diva energy and create your Rockstar lifestyle and business with ease and grace

You are the epitome of beauty, compassion , wisdom and unstoppable diamond strength that sees you create a life of joy and abundance and you serve others with love.
This trilogy will invoke your innate inner wisdom of who you are as a woman and why you are here at this time on earth. Get ready to embrace your greatest and most magical self

This package is valued at $197 but as an introductory offer they are $27 for a limited time

You are a diva – a rare diamond of strength and beauty. This guided meditation combines both channelled affirmations, relaxation and music with frequencies designed to embed in to your consciousness the beautiful energy of the Diamond Diva. Embody the rare beautiful gem that you are with the strength and clarity that sees you achieve whatever you desire with ease and grace.

You are a warrior of strength and love. You have scars and wounds that make you the warrior goddess you are today. It’s time to heal those wounds and release all that no longer serves you. This empowering meditation will have you wanting to soar and spread your wings to fly high and get your prey. You can have whatever you desire and it’s your inner warrior who will grab it for you.

Inherently you are a Goddess. You are a divine soul living in this time to stand collectively with the other Goddesses and use your powers for good. You are a modern day healer and protector of all that is good. You use your intelligence and tenacious spirit to bring into your existence all that you desire and will bring joy and abundance to you. This guided meditation is super powerful in releasing all within you holding you back from claiming your inner Goddess. You will release everything blocking your successes and dreams and you will rise up as the powerful and majestic diva you are. It’s time!