It is mums that bring peace to the world

Amazing women

Mothers are the key to all life

It’s no secret that Earth and all of her inhabitants are in jeopardy of dying. She is sick and humanity is her cancer.
Our negative energies and egos are stripping her of her ability to heal herself. Every time we take from her earth, or water, or air we make her sick and defenceless.
We kill each other and her creatures bringing her equilibrium out of alignment.
What chance does she have of surviving as a cell of the universe?
If we continue to do this to her, we will inevitably kill her and humanity along with her.

So what can we do as a collective to help her heal?
• We can reduce our carbon emissions and wastage
• we can eat organic and natural foods from sea, land and air
• we can love ourselves and one another
• Always live in a conscious state of graciousness and love. This energy vibration is very high and heals all.

How are mums the key to this global state of consciousness?
I think I have it worked out.
I spent 18yrs of adult life in the knowledge that I was medically not going to have children. I had a very poor chance of both conceiving and carrying a baby for several reasons.
I grieved and accepted that part of my journey, and I threw myself hard into my nursing career and my education.
I wanted to leave some form of legacy where I nurtured humans for the love of it. That I served humans with love and compassion.
I loved, as much as I could, everyone I connected with.
I focused on my strengths to share with others and help them improve their lives.
I felt okay about where life had me and I was excited of what was to come.
It was the in that acceptance, that the Universe aligned me with the experience of pregnancy and being a mum.
This is a gift beyond measure and the glimpse of love in its purest energy form is mind-blowing. Never in my life did I imagine that I could love like this.
A human being, a soul, allowed me the privilege of nourishing, protecting and loving it into the human experience and its time.
Only mums can understand this intense energy of pure love. It’s us who can channel this intense energy to help attract more love and love of self. We can use this intense energy of love to help nurture the world to a state of peace.
As a mum, do you dream of a world with;
No violence?
No war?
No terror?
No rape and violence against children
No assaults on women.

Do you dream of LOVE, EQUALITY for all, CHILDREN always being SAFE, ABUNDANCE and INNER PEACE for all?
Think of that mamma bear, in you, that will protect her children fiercely and give them the best for a prosperous and healthy life. Tap into her energy.
What can you do to help our earth be the healthiest home for our children?

If you’re interested in working with me get in contact and we can discuss your dreams and needs.

Rebecca x

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