Golden Goddess TV

Hi Gorgeous and welcome to Golden Goddess TV the channel for inspiring women just like you to move through your hard times and use them to make this world a better place for you, yours and the collective.

Golden Goddesses are women deliberately raising their vibration through shining love into their darkness and light turning life into Gold!

You will see interviews with women who have used their shadows and dark nights of the soul to truly step into their greatness. Women now using their lives and businesses to create empowerment and healing in the Divine Feminine.

You will also get to belly laugh along with other women who’ve survived embarrassing moments with laughter and sass! Maybe you too have lived to tell some tales.

If you’d like to have a candid or embarrassing conversation with me please reach out and let’s connect.

In the meantime - I wish for you to be inspired to unleash your greatness and live a life of Joy no matter what curveballs life’s thrown at you! 

It’s your time

Golden Goddess TV episode 2

Enjoy this candid conversation with Money Manifesting Queen Bee Denise Duffield-Thomas This week my guest is my beautiful friend and mummy in crime bestie Denise Duffield Thomas. Denise rocks life as the money manifesting queen and she is an amazing example of a woman who walks her talk with truth and integrity. What you see is what you get! Her program Money Bootcamp with Denise Duffield Thomas is uber successful because it works. She also is a Hayhouse author so check her books out! Enjoy our candid conversation on why Denise made a point of taking control of her money story and how we choose to raise our kids to be manifestors through conscious parenting

Golden Goddess TV episode 1

Enjoy this candid conversation with Australia's Leading Channel - Anne Aleckson

Grab a cuppa and listen to Anne and I discuss consciousness, awakening and using our life to help other heal and become empowered in their true authentic selves.

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