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Your Wellbeing

If you are diagnosed with a serious mental illness you must inform me before the reading to determine if it is appropriate for you to have the reading at that time or will it be better to reschedule.

Despite my extensive experience and skill in mental health I am not acting in a professional health capacity as determined by the codes of the governing body in which I am registered. If you have serious health problems requiring the assessment and treatment of a licenced medical doctor I will refer you to the relevant services.

If you divulge during the reading that you have active suicidal and/or homicidal ideation I am obliged to contact the relevant health/emergency services

If you are currently angry and in this stage of grief it may not be possible to connect with a passed over loved one

If you come to the reading very sceptical and closed off to the possibilities of the reading or working with me then we are not a good match for working together and I wish you the best in life

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Hold Harmless

As stated in my terms and conditions, all the information provided on my website, my blog, or in private work with me is for educational purposes only. You can’t sue me with anything that you do or don’t do with the information. Talking to Spirits, just like talking to anyone at all ever, can be a risk – and it’s important that you are aware of that.

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Reserve Rights

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