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Welcome to Bubbaluvs & Me.

Bubbaluvs & Me is both a product business and service business.

Bubbaluvs is a designer clothing label for babies and toddlers. The clothes are superior quality and are designed to fit babies for at least 12mths wear due the stretch, cut and beautiful fabric.

Sizes are Newborns, Infants and Toddlers. The foundation range is our signature monochrome with colours introduced as limited edition boutique pieces.

The signature romper is free of zippers, studs or buttons to prevent injury to your precious baby. Designed to be worn both as sleep wear and outing wear, the romper is a stylish fashion piece.

As part of the design, the romper wraps around your baby to adjust the fit for a smaller baby and enables 12mths wear. The wraps resemble the wings of an angel and ties into the children’s books of the upcoming series Bubbaluvs & Me.

Currently the clothes are being manufactured through a charity that employ women rescued from human trafficking in Cambodia.

Eventually Bubbaluvs will have its own factories providing employment, excellent working conditions and a safe environment for women rescued from human trafficking and their children.

At Bubbaluvs & Me, we believe that all human life is precious and that we must all help humanity through our gifts and love for one another.

Bubbaluvs & Me, the children’s book series, follows the adventures of Bubbaluvs and her mother. Both are Earth Angels living amongst humans spreading love and peace. Issues relating to morals, respect, kindness, self-love and a mindset of abundance are addressed in the book series.

Parents and children will be able to discuss these common day issues involved in instilling a character of love and generosity in our children.

As well as product, services of coaching and transforming mindset are on offer through Bubbaluvs & Me.

I offer 1:1 transformational business coaching to those of you who either have established businesses and your own successes but have a strong desire to achieve more and to expand both your mindset and business.

Or for those that know they aren’t living their intended purpose in life and want to leave the ‘job’ world to pursue your dream life and monetise your passions.

This 1:1 coaching will transform your life holistically and see you arrive to a place of inner peace and self-love. You will have clarity and purpose. You will be finally free of incessant negative thoughts and stress, allowing you to focus with positive intent on your relationships, your wellness and your business.

An 8 week e-course to guide you towards connecting with your big WHY and purpose for living this human experience is to be launched in the near future. You will connect with different components of your life to free yourself of the blocks and baggage that are preventing you from moving forward into your unique and amazing greatness. We are all here with our own gifts and reason to be here. We are all here to share these with humanity and be provided income to do so.

If you’re interested in 1;1 intensive coaching I offer a FREE 30min strategy call to see if we align and that we are suitable energies to come together to get you to your own utopia.

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