Rebecca Gibson is a forward thinking psychic medium channel, helping people align their soul and path with their business and life. Her strategic approach and experience allows her to combine divinely channeled guidance with tangible methods for her clients to step into deep confidence, laser focus clarity  and use their inner power to attract abundance with joy and ease. She works with people ready to serve humanity on a higher level by illuminating their path and psyche, bringing a deeper understanding of what is really possible in life and business. Rebecca’s work with the divine channeled for you is deeply healing and trans-formative beyond any experience you’ve had before. Rebecca can be found writing her books, loving her family and guiding people to step into their true authentic power.

Rebecca works often with Goddess energy and is super passionate about awakening women to their divine and inherent inner Goddess.
The “she” who brings courage,
power, drive, sexiness and infinite wisdom and knowledge to your heart and mind.
That complete powerhouse Rockstar diva in all women.
Our inner warrior woman.
When you unbridle her nothing is impossible and everything is yours for the taking


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Here is the Left Brain Masculine side of Rebecca

As well as being a well respected international psychic/medium,
Rebecca is a highly qualified health professional with 20yrs of specialised nursing in mental health.
Rebecca is also a certified assertiveness coach.
Prior to stepping into her own greatness, Rebecca consulted in Government positions and managed teams in very stressful environments. Rebecca has worked with tens of thousands of clients.
Keynote speaker and mental health expert, Rebecca Gibson is a leading authoritative on Empaths, Narcissists, drama addiction, assertiveness and effectively dealing with difficult personalities.
Rebecca changed her life focus after a serious case of burnout and the birth of her daughter. Rebecca has been a psychic medium all of her lfe and had hidden this aspect of herself due to people in her life not being open to her abilities. After the birth of her daughter she was involved in a near miss car accident that in all probability would’ve been fatal had she and her daughter not been saved by a divine white light. From that day Rebecca started to channel both written and in voice higher consciousness and now is a voice channel for the Goddesses.
Rebecca is now using her skills and expertise to help serve women who are searching for the answers they seek leading to a life of profound fulfillment and grace whilst using their unique skills to attract abundance and help towards bring peace to the world.This is the time of the divine feminine rising. These women are most often business women seeking a higher purpose outside of their own self and families.
Rebecca has had a 20yr career specialising in forensic mental health and spent the majority of that career in high level decision making positions within male maximum security prisons and emergency mental health services.
Now Rebecca is focusing her service on guiding others to a state of success and fulfillment through being aligned both spiritually, mentally and physically.
Rebecca leads and speaks on the areas of Optimal well-being for Empaths, being assertive and guilt-free, detoxing from drama, effectively dealing with difficult personalities.
Rebecca also conducts workshops for corporate leaders aligning to their true authenticity and leading from the heart and their intuition increasing the morale, determination and production and creativity of their employees
As part of her career, Rebecca has interviewed many abusers of children and many who have also been abused.
Rebecca is actively using her company Bubbaluvs & Me Pty Ltd to contribute to the empowerment and validation and uplifting of women and children who have lived through abuse.
Now the CEO of her own company and its businesses, Rebecca is working with clients 1:1 to transform their mindset and rid themselves of the behaviours stopping their businesses and lives from reaching further heights and attracting more abundance.
Spiritual health is as vital to us as our physical and mental health. Rebecca is passionate in mentoring and coaching people to unleash their greatness through her work with both the physical and non-physical energy.

The SOUL calling that is beyond your family and who you’ve been up until now.

You can be whatever you’ve dreamed of. 
You can achieve whatever you put your mind to.
I’ve done it!

Let me show you how you can too.