10 top tips on enhancing your INTUITION

10 top tips to enhance your INTUITION- Part 1

This is the first in a series of tips to enhance your inherent intuition and create a better life.

Why is it vital to exercise your intuition?

Our spiritual health is just as important as our physical and mental/emotional health. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and in order to be holistically healthy and at our greatest we must put the time and effort into our energetic being and inherent intuition and psychic connection.

We ALL have the ability to tune into the energy of others as well as ourselves and our intuition is our internal guidance system to lead us on our life path.

Our intuition at a basic sense of flight or flight will convey to us if we are safe or not and whether it’s best to flee or stay and defend yourself.

Our spiritual intuition goes beyond this basic need of survival and should be used to make decisions in your life regarding health, relationships, career, finances, travel etc. It’s your SOUL speaking to you.

What can we gain from enhanced intuition?


Divine CLARITY leading to self-love, contentment and fulfilment.

Strong intuition is life changing and its use will lead you most likely to fulfil your soul purpose and its contracts.

It will also open you up to more abundance in your life – if you listen to it and then do the work and healings you’re guided to. Your soul speak through your intuition will never steer you wrong. Your soul is your higher consciousness and always has your best interest at heart – your HEART.

How do we tune in to our inherent ‘sixth sense’?

This is all about receiving information through your heart which is then communicated to your body through your gut and then translated to your brain.

There is a plethora of things to do to continually enhance your connection to your higher self and your guides.

The healthier you become holistically the greater your energy in both receiving and giving.

You become abundant in life including access to wisdom.


I’m not going to list everything you can do because this isn’t a book.

This blog is of the top tips for the busy person to raise their vibration and become clearer in receiving downloads and guidance from your higher consciousness ie: Your Soul.

The top 10 tips

(I will go in depth with these in separate blogs so keep an eye out)


1/ Quieten your mind – eg. meditation (but it may not be what you think)

2/ Forgiveness

3/ Gratitude

4/ Tools of Divination – essential oils included, Crystals, oracle cards – a Journal!

5/ Movement of energy – exercise, singing, sound (music, binaural beats, singing bowls)

6/ Food nourishment and water

7/ Drama Detox

8/ Cord Cutting and Retraction

9/ Declutter of emotions/stuff/mental baggage – attachments/victimhood

10/ Psychic protection and Cleansing

In the meantime if you want to fast track this process and know your Soul purpose and the blueprint of your business and life path – I am your girl! I am a Spiritual Strategist. As a psychic/medium with a 23 yr career in health and psychiatry I will cut through your crap quickly, light your path up, heal you and heal your business. I’m light a kick in the butt from the Divine.

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