Anne Aleckson - The Soul Speaker

I’m not someone who normally seeks out readings from psychic mediums however when I learned of Rebecca’s work I was compelled to have a session with her and I wasn’t disappointed. It started with her bringing through some of my passed loved ones and she very clearly provided information that confirmed their connection to me. The session then moved on to information about my purpose, confirming my path and sharing new information that has since started to come to fruition. Rebecca is an outstanding psychic medium whose reading provided not just mediumship and psychic information but also included life and business advice and guidance.

Kassi Gregory - Intuitive Artist

I had a reading with Rebecca Gibson today. She addressed some of my fears about receiving from the universe and explained to me in a light-hearted way how this energy block was affecting my relationships with others and preventing myself from receiving all I deserve. It made absolute sense to why certain things in my life were not working out to how I would love them to be. She offered some very realistic and attainable goals to help me with a solution. She also tapped into my heart and told me the visions that my guides have for me in the future and it all resonated delightfully. I recommend a soul reading from Rebecca she is absolutely worth every penny. Very uplifting for the soul vibration.

Donna Morgan - Central QLD

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Rebecca over Skype, she is warm relaxed, friendly and makes you feel like you have known her for years. Rebecca is a gift, a beacon that guides you to through the fog into clarity. She is accurate and if something is unclear to her he will say so. through our 1 hr journey together Rebecca became the voice for the reminder I needed I Love it when Spirit / The universe uses the voice of another to get you to listen , Rebecca you are a true Catalyst for other people’s change a true . I gained a lot of clarity. Rebecca is the real thing and i will be back to have another session with her again.

Danielle Rogers - QLD

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Rebecca Gibson. I have had many readings in the past and I can honestly say that Rebecca’s reading was honest, accurate and full of unexpected information and connections. But most importantly, it gave me the clarity and future focus that I was so frustratingly searching for.
Rebecca connected to a past relative and was able to easily identify his obscure personality traits as well as his connection to me (brother-in-law). She was able to convey messages from him to my sister which proved meaningful and appropriate to circumstances I was unaware of.
On a more magical note, Rebecca told me where to look for a tree that would help me with my creativity! Following her directions about where to find this tree and how I would recognise this particular tree, I did indeed find “my” tree the following morning and I have indeed noticed that I am more creative when I am sitting under this tree. I had no idea that such a thing was possible but Rebecca didn’t hesitate to facilitate the introduction of this tree into my life and I am forever grateful.
Rebecca is an extremely talented reader. She is empathetic, non-judgemental and very generous with her time. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Rebecca as a reader who is professional, ethical and possibly the most accurate reader I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Deb Rogers - The Diva Servant

I was fortunate enough to experience the rare medium/psychic gift and beautiful individual that is Rebecca Gibson. She was relevant and detailed in her information, she brought through a deceased family member, she was direct but not intrusive and held a beautiful space that meant I could absorb the information being given to me through her. This lady is FANTASTIC. She won’t disappoint.

Jennifer Watson -Qld

Ms Gibson has given me several readings in her work as a medium. In all of these readings, Ms Gibson was empathic, compassionate and acted ethically when dealing with sensitive issues. She was very accurate in the personal information she provided me as verification of her gifts and who from my family she was communicating with. She also provided follow up with me after the reading just to check I was ok, and how I was processing the information.
Ms Gibson is a genuinely caring and professional person, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wanted to have a reading done.

Renae Nichols - NSW

I had my first reading with Rebecca Gibson when I was at a cross roads with my life. Through her Psychic Medium ability and her Angel Intuitive qualification she was able to connect with a lost child whom I have wondered about for many years and an Aunt.
Rebecca immediately made me feel comfortable; she picked up on my anguish over losing him and never really meeting him, my need to forgive myself for not fighting harder for him. The most important thing she gave me was peace knowing he was ok and always with me.
Due to the cross roads I was facing Rebecca also connected to my Aunt letting me know it is ok to let the walls I had built around me to come down. It was time for me to forgive and move forward in my life.
Many of the things Rebecca spoke about resonated down to my soul. Her energy is so positive and you feel like she is talking as if she is looking through the eyes of your soul. Thanks to Rebecca’s insight and guidance the world is no longer on my shoulders.
Along with the very accurate reading from Rebecca she gave me a Hawaiian Prayer which was exactly what I needed to read every day. Rebecca’s reading was one of the most accurate reading I have ever had and I would recommend her to anyone who has questions about where and why.

Deb Martin - Qld

Rebecca Gibson provided me with a psychic/medium reading on 23 January 2016
There were a lot of confirmations provided with regard to my family members so I knew who Rebecca was referring to. I was provided with accurate information relevant to my current circumstances and the messages that came through were typical of the loved ones that were sending them through.
Rebecca also provided some very helpful suggestions and advice to help me deal with some of the grief and feelings that came up for me.
My reading was very factual but very gentle and I would recommend anyone needing some guidance to consider Rebecca.

Andrianna Hopkins - The Intuitive Oracle

I recently had a reading with Rebecca Gibson who is a Psychic/Medium. Rebecca made a connection with my father who had passed about 5 years ago.
During the reading Rebecca mentioned that my father was concerned about my mother. He wanted my mother to know that he loves her always and it’s ok for her to be happy again. He wants her to smile more and not feel any guilt for enjoying life when she can’t physically feel him or see him. There are no negative energies with her – it’s him that she feels. (My mother is schizophrenic atm.)
My father mentioned his vegetable garden and that he wasn’t happy that it has been neglected. I confirmed that the vegetable garden had been neglected.
He also said his nagging is only ever from love and trying to protect everyone from mistakes. His father was poor and worked hard for his family and all he wanted was to make sure everyone had food and money and nothing to worry about – like he had to do everything to make sure it was done right
Rebecca also mentioned that there would be a frog in my garden and it would croak during the wet weather. The garden would be the one situated near concrete. For the previous 2 weeks I had been hearing a frog in the front garden outside my bedroom window and it is next to my neighbour’s driveway. This was another confirmation that she was connected to my father.
Rebecca also mentioned that my father is watching over my youngest son who has Autism and that my father wants me to teach him to grow tomatoes. My father was very fond of his vegetable garden.
The funny part was that my father kept tapping Rebecca’s hand and saying things in greek but Rebecca could not understand. We had a bit of a giggle over that.
Rebecca’s reading was accurate. She had no previous knowledge of the information she passed on to me. It was comforting to know that my father was watching over all of us, especially my mother. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca to anyone for a reading.

Sharna Mills

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the insight and clarity you gave me yesterday. Wow Wow Wow Wow
The accurate information you delivered to me from my Great Grandmother was extraordinary even down to the little bags of coins she used to secretly give to me when Mum wasn’t looking and how she influenced my life even down to the ages when she has really been around me. Whoa!!
You absolutely nailed the emotional blockages and the effects they are having on my body and now with your guidance I know how best to heal these myself and move forward with daily routines to ensure my healing is successful.
Patience and Feminine Connection …. not my strongest suits and the reminder around these was definitely timely and warranted.
The peace and gratitude I am feeling in my heart today after talking with you is a welcome change of late and I believe you are absolutely incredible.
I look forward to talking to you again in the future for the next installment. Much love to you – Keep Shining Rebecca you are extraordinary. xoxoxo