Readings and Spiritual Styling Sessions

I don’t do your normal psychic reading.
My readings are more like a styling session of your entire life channeled straight from the divine with the likelihood of your passed over loved ones getting involved too.
These sessions are life changing and open up doors in your consciousness you didn’t even know you had.
You will gain a wisdom and inner clarity that you’ve not had to date and
your life with undoubtedly change for the better!!!
The GREATEST life you could only dream of
Until you met me!
Things You need to KNOW

Sessions are conducted online through a link you will be provided so please check your emails.

The packages involve me tuning into your energy from the moment you book to when we have our session. If your package consists of a 30min channel. I go into meditation for 30min right before our session.
I channel the answers to ALL your questions.

This can be a very intensive and overwhelming experience due to the amount of information that comes to me and the follow up information received during our sessions together.

This is working straight with the great Divine to fine tune your life to be exactly how you dream of when you say
“I’ll be happy when….”
These packages are life changing.
You discover and release so much that holds you back from truly launching into that ROCKSTAR you know are here to be.
You will be profoundly inspired and determined to make the changes that will bring you into your dreams being reality

These styling sessions are a divine intervention that are transformational beyond anything you’ve experienced before.
They are a true investment in yourself and your family.

If your package consists of multiple sessions we will book recurring dates during our first session. You pay the full price now for all sessions to be booked during the first session you book through here.

You will be provided a recording (except in the circumstances that there are tech issues during the session but you will be notified of this)

When booking any session you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed on this site. Please read all policies and disclaimer

All medical questions that involve the need for intervention and /or investigation will be asked to refer themselves to their local doctor for further advice

No pregnancy questions will be answered