Frequently Asked Questions


What are your readings like?

I meditate on your energy and connecting with your higher consciousness for 30min prior to the face to face or email readings.

Whilst in meditation I write down everything that comes through for you. Therefore if you wish for me to focus on specific areas, questions or loved ones I ask that you contact me with this information at least an hour before your reading.

During the face to face reading I will go through everything that has been told to me in meditation. After this we discuss any questions you have based on what has been told to you and then anything else you need answered.

My style has been a result of 20yrs as a nurse with a specialty in mental Heath and forensics

All of that wisdom and experience makes my reading like a therapy (but is not therapy and I will refer you on should you need extra services) session but with clear goals and strategies laid out for their soul life purpose.

I really love connecting people to their higher consciousness and the life effecting purpose of their time in this earthbound existence.

I’m on a mission to help humanity have a collective consciousness of peace in the vibration of joy

So that purpose guides my work considerably coupled with my extensive experience of the human psyche. I know how dark it can go and find it quite easy to dig deep into another persons psyche to connect them to their light


How do you do your readings?

All email readings  are provided to you in a pdf document that is printable.

After paying for your reading email your questions to me at info@rebeccagibson.com.au and expect your reading returned to you with 48hrs. If you have not received it in that time please email me regarding this.

All face to face readings are done via zoom, skype or phone should you not use the internet. If you would prefer zoom I will send you a link to join me and a recording of the reading after.

If you would like me to focus on specific questions, areas of life or loved ones please email me at info@rebeccagibson.com.au at least 60 minutes prior to your scheduled reading with me

What if I remember a question I need answered but forgot to in my reading?

Email me with your question and I will offer you a 50% discount on my email readings. This must be done within 7 days of your reading. Otherwise I would love to connect via another reading again for you to gain more clarity based on your new information.

I’ve recently lost someone I deeply love.
Can you connect me to them?

The loss of a loved one can be an extremely difficult, trying and lonely time. I’ve experienced many losses in different circumstances, including murder and suicide, and many of the feelings of it are familiar to me.

Throughout my years of experience both personally and as a nurse, I have found that the transition of death can bring new awareness’s, spiritual awakening and a different attitude to life and your relationships with others and most especially yourself. Through Spirit Communication, death can be just as beautiful of an experience as it is difficult.

No matter what religious belief set you have you can connect to your passed over loved ones. We are energetic beings and energy never truly dies, it transforms.  You do not  have to be a complete believer to start to attempt the connection, in many cases, your own loved one will start to reach out to you first. However, if you are completely closed off and in the anger stage of grief it can be very hard for their energy to meet yours for connection as your current vibrational frequency is very low and they are so high in vibration. This will make it harder for me to connect and your interpretations of the information I receive will be  effected also. I want for you to have a good connection to your loved ones should this be what you desire. If you are still in the angry stage of your grief I suggest waiting to have a reading done but you have free will

I’m hesitant about providing my credit information online. How secure is your check-out purchase?

I use PayPal as my check-out provider. PayPal has a highly secure checkout process and you can learn more about my check-out provider here.

I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I still buy something?

Yep – you can check out with debit or credit card, through PayPal’s system also

Here’s how:

after you add and item to your cart, you’ll be directed to a checkout page with a bright yellow “Check Out With PayPal” button – click on it. Then you’ll be presented with two options:

> Pay with my PayPal Account

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The first tab may be open and expanded. If it is, scroll down in your browser window to reveal the second option.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

All digital purchases are 100% non-refundable. This is why I wish to encourage you to look at my website or social media and get a feel for me to see if your gut tells you it is time to work with me.

By purchasing a product or service through me, you agree to the Terms & Conditions

What if the reading is not resonating for you at all?

Please tell me during the reading if it is not resonating with you at all with in the first 5 mins. We can work together in the interpretation of the information being presented or we can reschedule or you can receive a 75% refund

Can I start coaching with you without having a reading first?

Absolutely!! Send me an email about what you are looking for in terms of coaching and mentoring. I will be in contact for us to have a quick skype conversation to chat about what I believe you would benefit from – a 1 month or 3 month coaching program with me 1:1

What you can expect in terms of your own transformation and the benefits and expansions of my other clients (privacy policy adhered to)