It is time for women to rise up globally and empower themselves.
To rise to their greatness and unleash their inner goddess and high priestess energy.
I want to help you unlock those doors to your higher consciousness and bring in this power to your everyday life.

“The world will be saved by the Western Woman” @Dali Lama

This is truth.
Western women have the opportunities now more than ever, to reach out to the globe via the internet and social media, and use business and connections to uplift one another .
Lets inspire each woman to raise our children to create a world made from love decisions and not those in fear.
Let us do this together.
Collectively it can be done and we will bring Peace.

Hi, I’m Rebecca Gibson

I am a psychic medium illuminating the paths of those wanting to make a difference in the world and create the life they’ve always dreamed of. I unlock the doors to your higher consciousness so that you may see your life with more clarity.
I am a spiritual coach focused on guiding others to unlock the doors of their higher consciousness so that they may step into their greatness.
If we are all living our true soul purpose then collectively we are happier and more at peace. We are content and happy.
Imagine a world where you are happy, content, satisfied daily and feeling whole! Amazing thought right?
Imagine a world where we all felt like that! What a beautiful world for our children and theirs to live and thrive.
My purpose is to teach and heal. I am a healer and after 20yrs of working in health I have come to realise I must branch out further and reach more people wanting to do their part for a brighter world.
I now stand in my authentic truth of all who I am. Authenticity is a spiritual journey and I know my journey has had the deepest depths of darkness in order for me to step into the light of who I am.
I want this for everyone
I am a woman who can communicate with passed over humans and the spiritual realms. I can communicate with non-physical energies.
Through my communications with them and my extensive experience working with people in mental health settings, I have a profound understanding of the psyche and what people require for mental  and spiritual wellbeing.
I really love connecting people to that place within them that shines 

Working with Me


I currently am working with clients 1:1 in several areas.
Spiritual Coaching
Assertiveness Coaching
Transformational Business Coaching
Psychic/Medium readings
Individual programs that incorporate psychic/medium work with business coaching to give clients a clear insight into their biggest future achievements and the path to get there
I love working with business people wanting to align their businesses with their soul purpose
I am also currently working on ground breaking information and therapies for Empaths so that they are able to fulfil their energetic roles whilst maintaining mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing and good health
I believe that all human life is precious and that we must all help humanity through our gifts and love for one another.
It is my intention to align my company Bubbaluvs & Me Pty Ltd with my values of respect, decency, truthfulness, and compassion, kindness, serving others and supporting all of Earths creatures.

Working with me 1:1 will transform your life holistically and see you arrive to a place of inner peace and self-love. You will have clarity and purpose. You will be finally free of incessant negative thoughts and stress, allowing you to focus with positive intent on your relationships, your wellness and your business.
I offer several packages to suit your needs.

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